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Highly Qualified Status of Teachers

The Every Student Succeeds Act requires school districts to notify parents and families when a student's teacher does not meet the definition of "highly-qualified." As defined in federal statute, "highly-qualified" teachers must meet the following requirements:
(1) have a professional certification or license issued by the state in which the teacher is employed;
(2) the teacher must have certification that must align to the content/subject area and grade level of the teaching assignment.
For those teachers who are not considered highly-qualified, Lift For Life Academy has determined that the teacher's academic background and work experiences are appropriate to be an effective teacher of all students. In addition, Lift For Life Academy requires all teachers who do not meet the definition of highly-qualified to be on a pathway towards state certification to become highly-qualified. Pursuant to federal statute, parents and families can access a list of teachers who are not currently highly-qualified on this webpage.
Further questions regarding the highly-qualified status of all teachers employed by the Academy can be directed towards the Director of Operations, Dr. David LeMay at [email protected] or the student's building principal