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Lift For Life Academy is a challenging learning community where all students are empowered to maximize their full potential as students and citizens.

Failure is not an option.

The overarching goal at Lift For Life Academy is to provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum along with extra support services, interventions and resources to engage at-risk students from underserved families to get them on track to graduate, prepared for college, career and civic life. As we seek to change students' lives for the better, we work with them to develop strong self-esteem and to set and achieve high personal expectations. The Academy is committed to supporting a desire for knowledge and lifelong learning; creating new strategies to help personalize teaching; and improving outcomes across abilities.
College Preparation Closing the Gap Safe Learning Environment
80% of graduates in the past several years have pursued college, technical school or the military. College discussions begin in the 6th grade, followed by college tours, assistance with applications, ACT, financial and scholarship preparation.
75% of entering 6th grade students need special attention to elevate reading and math skills. With small classes, targeted instruction and individual tutoring, students close this gap within one and a half years.
Teachers are very dedicated, ensuring that students are challenged and engaged.  Our Administration provides positive, judicious and supportive leadership. All in all this creates a welcoming, safe and compassionate environment, the perfect setting for students to learn and excel!


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