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Special Services

In accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), it is our priority to ensure that all students with disabilities have access to a free and appropriate public education.  Our Department of Special Education has worked in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to continue providing educational services for all students during the current Covid-19 school closures.  If any questions arise regarding Special Education services for your student, please contact your child’s special education teacher. Students with Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) will continue to receive instructional and support services through the following mediums: technology-based virtual learning environment and traditional paper-based learning packets.  For the students who will be receiving paper-based learning packets, the teachers will work with them via zoom, email, and/or by phone to monitor and assess assignments completed by the student.

If you are unable to successfully address a concern with your child’s special education teacher or have a question or complaint regarding the services being provided, please contact Ms. Kristen Dancy, Director of Special Education, at 314-231-2337, Ext. 243.

In-School Services

Lift For Life Academy Student Services Department ensures that students have access to specially-designed instruction, individualized support services and plans, and flexible programming in order to enhance their academic, social/emotional, behavioral, and/or language development.  Lift For Life Academy has comprehensive student services to assist students in realizing their educational potential. Services may include special education, speech and language, school psychology, school social work, occupational therapy, physical health services, 504 Educational Plans, and instruction for English Language Learners (ELLs), gifted and talented support.

We are dedicated to identifying and meeting the diverse needs of each student through individualized educational programming. It is our mission to work in collaboration with families, students, community, colleagues, other professionals and stakeholders in order to foster each student’s success and meet the needs of the “whole-child” as he/she prepares for future endeavors.

For additional information regarding Student Services please contact:

Dr. Katrice Noble, Deputy Director at (314) 231-2337
Or via email: [email protected]

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Under The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Lift For Life Academy is prohibited from discriminating against students on the basis of a disability. Lift For Life Academy provides a free and appropriate public education to each student within its jurisdiction regardless of the nature or severity of the disability. The school district ensures that students who need or are believed to need special education or related services will be identified, evaluated and provided with appropriate educational services.

Section504 also stipulates that students with disabilities have the right to participate in school-sponsored extra curricular programs and activities to the maximum extent appropriate to their needs.

Under Section 504 and IDEA, students with disabilities have the right to be placed in the least restrictive educational environment. To the maximum extent appropriate for the needs of the student, Lift For Life Academy will educate students with disabilities within their regular school program.

Students with disabilities and their parents have a number of rights and protections. Questions or requests for assistance or information about services for students with diagnosed or suspected disabilities should be directed to the student’s school Principal or Special Education Director, at 314.231.2337