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A Message from our Deputy Director, Dr. Katrice Noble

This year is an exciting one at Lift for Life Academy as it is the first year that we are a complete K-12 school, a dream come true and one that will allow us to teach, encourage and inspire children from a young age through their high school years.

Lift for Life Academy is a unique school where we truly work with students to better prepare them for life and help them determine a direction they want to take following graduation. Two years ago we established the SOAR program, where students have the opportunity to select career pathways of their choice, intern with organizations and businesses, work under a mentor and explore their passions before post-secondary education.  Many of our students are thinking about careers in nursing.  That is a direct result of a partnership with Mercy where kids got to visit the hospital and shadow nurses, doctors, and technicians.  They received hands-on experiences and many of the students are now considering careers in the medical field.  This is just one of our partnerships and one way that we are preparing our oldest students for the next steps in their journeys.  

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We Need Your Help

How You Can Help: Opposing the Dispensary

We need your help contacting local media and city leaders to express concern over the marijuana dispensary opening in the Soulard neighborhood directly across the street from Lift For Life Academy, 1731 S. Broadway, 63104, where we educate students from grades K-12. There is no way this would happen in Clayton, Ladue, Parkway or many other school districts and it should not be ok in ours. We need to bring attention to this situation in the media and make sure local leaders know how upset our families are with this proposition, but we can’t do it alone.