How You Can Help: Opposing the Dispensary

Quick Facts:

  • A drive-thru/walk-up marijuana dispensary application has been submitted for 1631 South Broadway, where the Jimmy John's used to be.
  • This type of business may have a detrimental effect on the character of our neighborhood.
  • This is within 100 feet from Lift For Life Academy, a K-12 charter school.
  • The state of Missouri requires that marijuana dispensaries be at least 1000 feet from a school unless allowed by the local government. However, the St. Louis City code removed the distance requirement:
    • No Spacing Requirements. No Medical Marijuana Facility or Marijuana Facility shall be required to be a prescribed distance between an existing elementary or secondary school, a daycare or church.

Ways you can help:

  • Email, call, and/or write letters to the media and city leaders listed below

What should you say:

  • “As a concerned parent/guardian/family member/student/community member/etc, I am appalled that the city leaders, other businesses in the Soulard area or community members are not expressing the negative magnitude that this would have on the Lift For Life Academy students, including my child. There are over 800 students that attend Lift For Life Academy, and I cannot express how detrimental the negative influence this would have on these children, the safety of our entire operation, the legal regulations or the overall negative perception of the community and Lift For Life Academy.”


  • Be polite, professional, and genuine as you express your concerns. Do not use foul or threatening language.
  • Feel free to add in any personal aspects that your child and family are upset and concerned about

Want to say more? These are some of Dr. Noble’s Concerns, you can also use them in your call/email:

  • Influence on Children: The close proximity of a marijuana dispensary will expose our students to the presence and visibility on a daily basis. Many of our students come from neighborhoods where they are exposed to things and people that are unfortunate but out of their control. We have always taken pride in ensuring that our students are safe and exposed to different opportunities outside of their general 4 walls or blocks. We work extremely hard to introduce them to new opportunities and not to be enticed with normalizing or glamorizing drug usage, even if it’s something that they may sometimes see in their own homes or communities.
  • Safety Concerns: I am emotionally and mentally concerned about the safety of our students, staff and families. The traffic flow directly across the street from our institution of learning poses uncertainty and feels unsafe. I am personally afraid of criminal activity, the risk of theft and other actions that puts our entire operation in danger. After the unfortunate shooting that took place at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School last year, when it comes to safety and mental stress, our staff and students have never been the same. It's important to consider the well-being and safety of everyone when making decisions about the placement of dispensaries in neighborhoods, especially next to a school.
  • Legal Regulations: I am not 100% astute on the zoning regulations that will prohibit the placement of a marijuana dispensary near schools, but I will guarantee that this will not even be an issue in a more affluent community. The mere fact that anyone would think that this is acceptable has a negative viewpoint and low expectations of urban education and primarily African American students. I am sure that the individuals attempting to open this business knew the demographics of our school and continued to move forth anyway. Contrary to popular belief, we do care about the well-being of our children and our educational environment.
  • Negative Perception and Community Image: I picture myself driving to work daily, turning on Lafayette and 7th and seeing the dispensary next to the parking lot. The thought and the sight depicts a negative image. I’m sure that I share the same sentiments of our parents, community members, and others associated with Lift For Life Academy. Marginalized communities face a variety of barriers daily. My students deserve the same respect, care and investment in their lives that exposes them to positive outlooks and promising futures.

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