Pennies for Paperbacks

Small change makes a big changeLift For Life Academy is working to increase student literacy by making books more accessible to our students. In the past 3 years, we have added more than 3,000 books to our classrooms at Lift For Life. However, providing books for students to read outside of school in their free time makes a real difference to children’s achievement – those who own books are six times more likely to read above the level expected for their age.
Through our efforts, literacy rates at Lift for Life have started to improve over time. For example, the school was recognized last year by St. Louis University's Policy Research in Missouri Education (PRiME) Center as one of Missouri's top high-poverty middle schools in helping students make significant progress in English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency. Still, more than half of the school's 6th graders and a third of its 7th graders tested below grade level on Missouri's statewide ELA exam in 2022, a key measure of literacy.Increasing student literacyOur new campaign, Pennies for Paperbacks, will allow LFLA to purchase and distribute books to students in grades K-12. The school has several literacy initiatives to increase students' interest in reading, including a dedicated reading time at the start of each school day. Having a greater variety of titles at various reading levels will provide books that interest students in reading.

How can you support this campaign?
Small change can make a big change, use this link to donate today to Pennies for Paperbacks! You can help level the playing field for LFLA’s students by donating:
  • $7-$10 for an elementary level reading book 
  • $12-$24 for a middle school level reading book
  • $17-$30 for a high school level reading book
With an average cost of $20 per book, our goal of $20,000 will allow LFLA to purchase 1,000 new books in a range of titles, subject areas and reading levels to benefit K-12th grade students.

Other ways to support the campaign:
Don’t have the funds to donate right now? Help us spread the word and share our post to your friends! Go to our instagram or facebook to comment, like, and share to help us spread the word. Small change can make a big change, let’s work together to close the literacy gap for Lift For Life Academy students!