mayors office 1

Mr. Malone’s class in the mayor’s office


At the end of January, Mr. Rodney Malone’s high school Civics class took a break from classroom lessons on the rights and duties of citizens as members of a political body to visit St. Louis City Hall.

This field trip not only gave LFLA students a chance to witness the historical building that has housed city government since 1898, but it also allowed students to see where the laws and regulations they have been learning about all semester are negotiated and put into action on a local level.

Additionally, they were able to meet with Alderman Craig Schmid of Ward 20, who gave the students a tour of the building, including an inside look at the chamber that houses the Board of Aldermen. While seated at the desks that are normally occupied by the City of St. Louis aldermen, the students listened to Schmid speak about the processes that the aldermen go through to discuss, amend and pass laws for St. Louis, and then they were able to ask questions.

board of alderman 4

Ald. Craig Schmid addresses the Civics class

Before heading back to the Academy, the students had a chance to visit the office of the mayor and talk about the different ways that the mayor enforces city ordinances and his power to veto ordinances passed by the Board of Aldermen.

We are happy to report that Mr. Malone’s class greatly enjoyed their trip, and we hope that this allowed our students to see that the laws, officers and processes that they are learning about in Civics happen much closer to home than they might think!