Project Runway 8 contestant Michael Drummond with LFLA students

During the fall semester, Lift For Life Academy high school students visited two fashion designers at their Washington Avenue studio lofts. One designer was Project Runway Season 8 contestant, Michael Drummond. Drummond taught students about his fashion specialty– woven garments. The students saw his weaving machines as well as the type of fabrics he prefers to use. However, Drummond wasn’t able to show off his Project Runway fashions, as those were auctioned off in New York. Teacher Elizabeth Wagner says the visit helped students understand the education Drummond went through to reach this point in his life.

Designer Melissa Rae Brown with LFLA students

The second designer the students interacted with was Melissa Rae Brown, a vintage fashion designer. She informed students about her unique technique of restyling or taking apart clothing and making them into new garments. She introduced the students to her new collections titled, “Cupcake Collection,” full of frilly and puffy dresses and skirts. Mrs. Wagner said, “The students not only had the opportunity to learn and view haute couture, but they were also able to see how both designers live. It was an invaluable experience the students will never forget.”