Anthony Smith 2How do you feel about going into your senior year at LFLA?

Going into my senior year, I’m not really feeling nervous about my future. Lift For Life has been such a comfortable place where I can be myself, and I want to go on to be that same person with whatever I pursue in the future. I took some college-level classes last year and I’m planning on taking more this year. They’re definitely hard, but the teachers here make it manageable and work with me to help me understand the material. I know I’m doing what’s best for me to get ahead.

What stands out about your experience at LFLA?

At Lift For Life Academy, you don’t have to worry about hiding your intelligence. Actually, it’s a pretty competitive academic environment, so it’s cool to be smart. I’ve been at LFLA since 6th grade, and that’s when I met Davaughn. He’s an only child and I’m an only child, so we’re kind of like brothers to one another. His family is my family and vice versa. I think we get put in a lot of classes together because people know we act like brothers and want to get better grades than each other.

Have you changed at all since you started attending LFLA?

I didn’t always like reading and history. I considered myself more of a numbers person. But my teachers here helped me realize that I don’t have to just like what comes naturally to me. I’m also pretty good at reading and writing when I work hard at it.

What are you planning on doing after you graduate?

I want to apply to the Joint Engineering Program at UMSL where I would take classes at UMSL and Wash U in order to get my engineering degree.

If you could give one message to young people in St. Louis, what would it be?

Everyone has the potential for success, but only you can make that happen for yourself. Don’t be afraid to reach for that success.