Despite rising labor costs, supply chain challenges, and a return to in-person learning over the past year, the air has been buzzing with the sounds of construction encompassing two city blocks along South

The elementary school, which opened in 2019 and serves 200 students in Kindergarten through 4th
grade,  is more than 22,600 square feet of educational space including ten classrooms, a large flex space
that contains a maker space, special education classrooms, a reading and literacy office, full-service
cafeteria with small gym, outdoor activity area (that includes both hard surface and green spaces), and
administrative offices.

With the purchase of the property immediately to the north in 2021, LFLA now has another new building with more than 20,000 square feet for expanded arts, physical education (weight room and exercise equipment on the ground floor), and flexible classrooms in addition to administrative offices and an expanded health care facility through its ongoing partnership with Affinia health.

The gym, which opened in 2018, will finally have locker rooms with showers by the end of 2022. As part
of this construction project, a lobby link opened in 2022, connecting the gym to the main (original) LFLA building. The shell of a studio theater was roughed in and will connect to the lobby and gym when
completed. Assuming successful fundraising, the theater will open by the end of 2023. For more details about the theater and locker room project, click here.

Across the street from the main complex will be a newly constructed 5th and 6th Grade Center specifically designed to meet the unique emotional, physical, and educational needs of students as they enter adolescence as part of the transition from elementary to middle school. This Center opens in August 2023 when LFLA becomes a kindergarten through 12th grade Academy serving more than 900 St. Louis city students.

None of these projects would be possible without the generosity of our donors.
If you would like to tour these new facilities and learn more about how you can help us, please contact
Susan Kelter at

Concrete Strategies crew working on the theatre and locker room construction site.