March 16, 2015

Dear parents and guardians:

This letter is intended to inform parents and guardians about Lift for Life Academy’s new On-Site Suspension (OSS) program. The new OSS program will be located on the south end of LFLA’s campus at 1811 South Broadway. It will service both middle and high school students who have committed various school infractions. It is important to note that the OSS program at LFLA will not replace out of school suspensions that require students to stay at home or acts that may result in students being placed in the Academy’s on-line alternative program following a disciplinary hearing.

The On-Site Suspension program at LFLA is a new strategy designed to hold students accountable for their behavior, but also better meet their educational needs. Important characteristics and things to know about the OSS program include the following:

  • Placement in the OSS program can only be done by administrators at the academy.
  • High school students who have been placed in OSS must report at 8:30 a.m. and will not be dismissed until 12:30 p.m. High school students will ride the middle school bus in the a.m. No transportation will be provided to high school students following the 12:30 dismissal. Parents will have to either pick-up their student or the student will be provided a bi-state bus ticket.
  • Middle school students placed in OSS will ride their normal bus and report by 8:30 a.m. and will be dismissed at 2:20 p.m. Middle school students placed in OSS may be picked-up by a parent or they will be required to ride the high school bus home at 2:20.
  • A breakfast and sack lunch will be provided to both middle and high school students placed in OSS in the OSS facility.
  • Misbehaviors that occur in OSS or absences from OSS may result in additional disciplinary actions. These may include the assigning of additional OSS days, out of school suspension, or a combination thereof.
  • Middle and high school students assigned to OSS will be required to complete academic assignments as assigned. Some students may be required to complete portions of their coursework on-line.
  • Beyond transportation, students placed in OSS will remain in the OSS building for the duration of the day and will not have contact with other LFLA students in regular school attendance. OSS students will be escorted by the OSS supervisors to the buses at dismissal.

As stated previously, the new OSS program at LFLA offers a new approach to maintaining high standards for student behavior and meeting the educational needs for students. If you have questions or concerns, then please contact one of the building principals or the Deputy Director at 314-231-2337.

Dr. Katrice Noble,
Deputy Director