Lift for Life Academy’s Middle School curriculum focuses on rigorous standards for all academic disciplines. Development of reading and writing skills are emphasized in every course. Core teachers (communication arts, math, social studies and science) meet weekly with grade-level colleagues to look at how students are meeting established learning and behavioral targets.  Based on performance data, the grade-level team members collaborate to refine instructional and intervention strategies to address identified needs.

Teachers in both core and “specials” classes work together to integrate learning experiences around large themes relevant to young adolescents. An emphasis on hands-on instruction enhances learning and helps students better understand what they learn in the classroom and how to relate it to their lives. Core teachers work closely with support staff that includes a social worker, guidance counselors, special education teachers and administrators to meet the needs of individual students, groups of students and the entire class.

In addition to high expectations for academic learning and performance, Lift for Life Middle School’s curriculum also addresses character traits associated with being successful in both school and life. Character education is a key component of the learning program and a part of every class. Development of critical character traits is addressed directly through class lessons and related experiential activities both in and out of the school. For behavioral updates on your student, contact Shayna McClendon, Dean of Middle School, at to obtain Kickboard access, a software site that is used for student assessments.

Required courses for 6th, 7th and 8th graders:
• Communication arts
• Reading (6th grade)
• Mathematics (6th grade two periods)
• Social studies
• Science
• Physical education/ health education
• Literacy and character development hour

“Specials” courses for 6th, 7th and 8th graders:
• Visual arts
• Keyboarding and basic computer usage
• World cultures
• Social connections
• Science connections

Middle School clubs/organizations and sports

Students have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletic activities outside of the school day. They compete against teams from other middle schools in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Notes about Middle School SUCCESS program:

1) All students are to be in uniform every day unless they EARNED Dress Down on Fridays.  Your student should have a note from a teacher on Thursday afternoon to indicate he/she has earned this privilege for Friday.  Students are still expected to wear school appropriate clothing even with Dress Down.

2) Please refer to the student handbook if you have questions regarding the uniform policy.

3) We are utilizing student planners this year and every student must have one.  Many of you already paid $3.00 during registration but those who haven’t will incur a fee until the cost is paid.  You can check your student’s planner for daily assignments and important information and contact the teachers if you need clarification.

4) SUCCESS hour is a scheduled time where teachers are providing additional support for students based on individual needs.  In addition, we will continue after school tutoring Monday through Thursday and students will be required to sign up in the morning in order to stay after with a teacher that day.  We will transport the students home on the 5:15 bus.