For many high school students, spring break means skiing, beaching or simply hanging outand relaxing. Those activities offer a reprieve from the grind of school, but 100 Lift For LifeAcademy students will diverge on a different path this spring break; they’re on a mission andheaded to New Orleans!

While there is sure to be fun along the way, these students have two goals in sight: partneringwith a New Orleans charter school to lend a helping hand and visiting area universities to learnmore about the college experience.

Under the leadership of school counselor, Etoya White, Lift For Life Academy students willembark on a seven-day Spring Break Tour introducing them to some of the most acclaimedsouthern universities and provide a unique opportunity to perform important service work in theregion plagued by the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Hurricane Katrina.

“This year will be our second tour and it will be a jam-packed experience that will broaden ourstudents’ exposure to higher education opportunities.” White continues, “Last year’s trip toNashville, Tenn., was a great success, and we are anxious to expand this year’s tour to includeservice work and visits to eight universities in Mississippi and Louisiana. Because many of ourstudents come from impoverished families, out-of-town college visits are typically unaffordable.This program unveils new possibilities of higher education plus the sense of fulfillment andenhanced self esteem afforded by helping others in need.”

“It’s imperative that we provide our students with enriching activities that will help them besuccessful in school as well as responsible members of society. This tour represents exactly what Lift For Life Academy’s mission is all about,“ added principal Katrice Noble.

Students and their families will participate in a variety of fundraisers to help pay for the trip, butadditional support is needed.