alante-smAlante’ Burrow missed the well-earned opportunity to walk through the line at his own high school graduation. But he had a very good reason.

He was attending basic training for the Army National Guard in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. He also recently completed training in Fort Lee, Va., to become a mechanic.

“Generators, cars, if it has an engine, I can fix it,” Alante’ says. In March, he will be deployed to Germany with his 91st Delta unit.

In September he returned to visit Lift For Life Academy, wearing tan fatigues and carrying himself with a quiet confidence.

“Hard work will make your voice deep,” middle school math teacher Kenan Morrison said to Alante’ as they shook hands and laughed.

Before he started sixth grade at LFLA, Alante’ said that he had been getting into a lot of trouble. He credits language arts teacher Stephanie Blue with encouraging him to go into the military.

“And I did it.”