LIFT FOR LIFE ACADEMY Application Guidelines

Current LFLA 8th graders who wish to return to LFLA high school as 9th graders must complete and turn in a full 2014-2015 application by Feb. 28. The lottery will be held March 6.  

  1. All parents/guardians wanting their child[ren] to attend LFLA must complete a Student Application and submit it with all of the required documents listed on page one of the application  to the registrar by the appointed deadline.

2. Lotteries will categorically take place for students entering 6th (LFLA Middle School) and 9th (LFLA High school).

3. Current academy students will automatically be re-enrolled for the following school year.  Therefore, lotteries will only take place for the remaining grade levels (7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, & 12th) if a current student or students have indicated before the lottery date that they will not be returning to LFLA, which would result in any possible open positions for the following year.

4. Preference will be given to siblings of current LFLA students and children of current LFLA employees.  Those students will not be subjected to taking part in the lottery process, but their acceptance still depends on whether or not space permits.

5. Siblings of students selected in the lottery process will not automatically be accepted to LFLA, but will be placed on a separate list to be drawn from if space becomes available.  These siblings will be offered the open student positions if possible.

6. When a student is selected to receive a position at LFLA, the parent/guardian has five business days to accept the position for his/her student.

7. The Student Application will only remain active for the school year that the parent/guardian initially applies for.  If a student is not selected to attend LFLA, the parent/guardian must fill out another Student Application the following year.


LFLA Lottery Guidelines

Lottery will be held March 6

  1. All students applying will receive a random number.
  2. The numbers will be drawn at random until all applications have received a place in line.
  3. Only the students who fall within the number of spaces available will automatically be accepted.
  4. The remaining students will be placed on a waiting list for possible acceptance if space allows.