Picture this: Climbing a volcano on horseback, zip lining through the rain forest, swimming beneath a waterfall, tasting local fauna… No, this isn’t the line up for the newest reality TV

Life Lessons from Costa Rica

Katherine Rueter and students get ready to zip line through the rain forest

show, it’s just some of the activities that four of Lift For Life Academy students experienced on their trip to Costa Rica.

This trip was designed to take the students out of their comfort zone and did it ever! As Atiyah Reed, a junior, stated, “This was my first time for everything. My first time on a plane and my first time out of the country. When it was time to get on the plane, it felt surreal.”  The students spent six days in Costa Rica with their Spanish teacher, Katherine Rueckert. Their trip started in San Jose, took them to LaFortuna in the Arenal region, and ended near the Playa Hermosa beach in the Guanacaste Region.

While they traveled, they began to grow. As Katherine Rueckert stated “ the girls started asking about where they could go that wasn’t just for tourism, they wanted to know if they could come back here for college and they were upset that they weren’t fluid in the language.”

The students were growing in ways that they couldn’t have done in the classroom. Not only did they gain a taste for travel and adventure, they learned life lessons. Alexandra Luster, also a junior, explained that during their horseback riding trip up the side of the volcano, she fell off her horse but got up and tried again. She had learned the most important lesson for traveler’s everywhere, “Even if things don’t go as planned, you can still have fun.”

The students also experienced the world in a new and different light. As Atiyah stated “Costa Rica is so colorful it instantly makes you happy. Being able to experience new and different cultures is so exciting and after staying in Costa Rica for 6 days, you get so accustomed to it, you’ll NEVER want to leave.”

For our part, at least, we’re happy to have them back.