John Mann had a vision when he first connected with LFLA in 2001. At that time, the school had three grades, 6th – 8th.  Both he and Marshall Cohen thought it was crucial to add a high school, 9th – 12th grades in order to ensure that students had a better chance of graduating and pursuing post-secondary education. In 2008 that vision became a reality. LFLA was now a middle and high school.  Unfortunately in 2011, John passed away. The high school wing was named in his memory … the John Mann Wing.  And, his mother, Marylen Mann has continued his legacy to expand LFLA’s reach.

Over two years ago we added six new high school classrooms to the John Mann Wing. These classrooms included a new fashion design studio and the Bayer STEM Center with a cutting edge science lab.

“We have been extremely fortunate to receive generous gifts from Bayer, the Jones family, Dana Brown, and Interco,”  expressed Marshall Cohen, Executive Director. “These major gifts have allowed us to proceed with our expansion plan. “ The total cost of the project was $695,000 and thanks to our generous corporate and individual donors, we have raised the funds necessary to complete this project.”

John Mann and Marshall Cohen

Mann Wing construction