We give thanks for all we have on Thanksgiving Thursday and begin shopping for the holiday season on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And now, on Tuesday Dec. 1, you have the opportunity to give back on Giving Tuesday. Learn more about #GivingTuesday here:

Lift For Life Academy is a Family

Just as a family learns how to support each other as the years go by, so too do LFLA students and faculty educate each other on the best ways to pursue success. Just as a family pushes its members to be the best that they can be, so too do LFLA students and faculty empower each other to explore our potential. Just as a family picks other members up when they have failures and obstacles to overcome, so too do LFLA students and faculty uplift each other to work pats our struggles, fears and challenges.

While students and teachers are crucial parts of the LFLA family, we are nothing without the foundation that our donors, volunteers and supporters provide. This holiday season, we are grateful to have YOU as a part of our family.

How Can You Support Our Family?

DONATE – LFLA is able to get so many students excited about learning and creating successful futures for themselves by offering individualized learning, emotional support, and exciting, after-school programming. Your donation would help ensure that these programs will continue to operate, inspiring confidence and motivation in the next generation of young minds in St. Louis. CLICK HERE TO DONATE (if you don’t have a PayPal account, go to the bottom left-hand side of the page where it says, “Don’t have a PayPal account?” and click “Continue” to pay with a card or directly from your bank account)

VOLUNTEER – Students at LFLA need a little extra help getting caught up with their more-advantaged peers because they haven’t always had the resources that other students have. Volunteers at LFLA work one-on-one with students, tutoring and making sure their individual needs are being met – academically, socially and emotionally. CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER

SHARE YOUR STORY – Our community is filled with inspiring individuals who prove that hard work, creative thinking and dedication to education make a difference. Our young scholars are in need of positive role models who can help broaden their perspective of what personal and professional success looks like in our world today. Do you have a story of success, an exciting talent or a special program that you can share with our students? CLICK HERE TO CONTACT OUR TEAM AND SHARE YOUR STORY

SHARE OUR STORY – The more people that know about our mission, the more young minds we can reach. Copy “http://bit.ly/LFLAGivingTuesday” and paste it on a Facebook status, a tweet, an email, etc. and this page will be shared with your family and friends.

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