Uber Asphalt July 19

Thank You for Being a Part of Uber Asphalt 2014

We appreciate your participation in the 2nd annual Uber Asphalt. You are making a difference by helping students at Lift For Life Academy. The funds raised at Uber Asphalt will benefit the 6th grade students in our school’s literacy program. Our 6th grade students come to us, sometimes two to three grade levels behind in their reading abilities. Uber Asphalt will help pay for initiatives that will help improve their reading as they continue into the 7th and 8th grades. The longer a student attends  Lift For Life Academy, the more time our teachers and volunteers can spend with them to improve their chances to succeed. Lift For Life Academy has 585 students in grades 6-12.

UBER ASPHALT 2014 – Two Ways to Play

TEAMS OF 2 – Known as the Crushers, bicyclists in teams of 2 will create their own routes, taking them through the city of St. Louis, in a race to complete this fun scavenger hunt.

SOLO CYCLISTS – Known as the Cruisers, this division is for individual riders who only want to ride to each station but don’t want to compete in the obstacles. At 6 checkpoints, riders will get bottle caps to be redeemed at the race’s end for a 6-pack of craft beer. Cruisers will also play the Page Ripper Game, ripping pages from textbooks at each station. The rider with the lowest page number total at the end of the race, wins.


What are obstacles like? Uber Asphalt is designed to be a fun event. Obstacles will be a combination of physical, mental, entertaining and just plain wacky challenges. Don’t worry, the obstacles will not be intimating or dangerous. There will be a minimum of 6 obstacles and maximum of 8. Also, at least 1 mystery obstacle will be announced race day.

What if I decide not to try or complete an obstacle? Based on the obstacle, if you decide not to try or complete it, your team will be given a brief time out before moving on to the next obstacle.

Will I get wet? It’s possible. We are currently working on obstacles. You will not get wet if you are in the Cruisers Division, that’s the division for solo cyclists.

Should I wear bicycle shoes? We recommend wearing footwear that will work in a variety of situations, including riding a bike. You might have to climb a net, crawl, jump or even sing (though your footwear will likely not affect that outcome), so use your best judgment.

What if I don’t have a teammate? We will do our best to help you find a partner. Email your request to mcohen@liftforlife.org.

What’s the deal with the bottle caps? Per completion of each obstacle/checkpoint, each participant will receive 1 bottle cap. At the end of the race, participants will turn in their bottle caps for beers. Each participant can earn up to a 6-pack of assorted New Belgium beers to take home.

How long is the course? It depends on how well you plan your route and know the great streets of St. Louis. We are estimating 20+ miles, minimum. The start/finish will be at Lift For Life Academy, 1731 S. Broadway, near Soulard Market.

What if I don’t finish in under 3 hours? We would like all participants to complete the ride within 3 hours. Obstacles/checkpoints will be dismantled after 3.5 hours, and, after that time, participants might not be able to collect caps at all locations..

What if there is inclement weather? Safety is a high priority. We will attempt to have the race as long as it is safe. If necessary, the tentative rain date will be scheduled for Sunday, July 20.

Should I bring a tool kit and extra tire? We strongly recommend that you bring a spare tube and tools. Transportation will not be provided.

Is the course closed off? The course will not be closed off. Please be diligent and aware of the rules of the road and ride lawfully.

Will you provide something to carry the caps? No. You should be prepared to carry your own bottle caps.

Will there be vehicle and bike parking at event and security? Please park behind 1710 South Broadway in the parking lot. We will have a staff member watch vehicles during the event. However, we are not responsible for vehicles. Please do not leave anything valuable in your vehicle. After the event, we will have a cordoned-off area for bicycles. A staff member will be present. Please note, we are not responsible for bicycles. We will have tags to place on your bike with your race number.

In the Family category, what is the youngest allowable age? Minimum age for a youth participant is 8 years old.

Can my teammate sign my waiver? You must be present to sign your waiver. We will not allow anyone other than the rider to sign his or her waiver.

Can my teammate come at a different time to sign waiver?  Yes

Are tandems or tag-a-longs allowed? Yes.

What is the quiz? How much head start will I get? The quiz is a voluntary activity that your team can take prior to the race. Depending on your score, you could receive a head start. If your team signs up before July 4, you will be notified by email of the quiz, your code to sign in and the amount of time you have to take it.

Where do I collect my brews? At the after-party, we will have an area to redeem your bottle caps for the beer you earned.

What if I don’t drink beer? If you don’t want beer, we will have craft soda available.

What’s happening at the after-party? There will be music, food trucks, beer, soft drinks for purchase, an awards ceremony, a raffle and more, so bring some extra money –  you’ll need it!

Rules of the Competition

  • HELMETS – All participants must wear helmets at all times. Failure to wear a helmet will disqualify you and your team from the race and you will forfeit any bottle caps you’ve earned.
  • RACE BIB – Each participant will be required to wear a race bib on the front of their shirt to ensure an accurate finish time.
RULES OF THE ROAD – Familiarize yourself with the rules of the road and be prepared to obey them.  No riding through red lights or stop signs. No riding on the sidewalk. No riding against traffic. Obey “No right turn on red” signage. Failure to obey the rules of the road will lead to team disqualification. No riding on Forest Park Parkway or interstates. No riding on cars, nothing mechanical, no riding on Metro, horses, or any other non-bike mode of transport.
PRIZES – To qualify for prizes you must return with 6 bottle caps. This does not apply to costume awards.
1 CAP = 1 BEER OR SODA – At bottle cap checkpoints, participants can earn 1 bottle cap. At the end of the ride, each bottle cap can be turned in for one beer or soda.
  • RIDE AS A TEAM – Each team must ride to checkpoints together.