The 3rd Annual Gateway Cupcake 5K Run & Walk and Bottlecap Dash 5K Obstacle Run – November 8th, 2014


Two Epic Competitions Featuring Sport, Cupcakes and Carbonation

Both events, back-to-back, Saturday, November 8th, Central Field (east side), Forest Parkfacebook-button

  • 9:00 am- The Gateway Cupcake 5K Run & Walk
  • 11:00 pm- The Bottle Cap Dash 5K Obstacle Run
  • 1:00 pm- The Bottle Cap Youth 1.5K Obstacle Run

Lift For Life Academy: St. Louis’ first charter school serving city children in 6-12 grades.


Gateway Cupcake 5K Run & Walk

A classic battle between those who eat and those who compete. The Gateway Cupcake 5k will pit speedy runners against speedy eaters in a battle between foot and mouth. Participants can deduct up to 5 minutes per Cupcake at 5 Cupcake Stations along the race course for a maximum of 25 minutes off of their finishing time.

The Rules.

Cupcake Stations will be positioned at KM 1, KM 2, KM 3, KM 4 and just before the Finish Line. Cupcakes must be consumed at each rest station in the Cupcake Consumption Corral. Failure to keep the Cupcakes down will result in disqualification.
Only one cupcake can be eaten per station. Please use wit and tactics.There will be two types of cupcakes available per Cupcake Station. Mini Cupcakes- worth a 2 minute time deduction or the ‘Standard’- worth a 5 minute time deduction.

Awards: The Overall Gateway Cup Cake 5K winner’s award, The Gateway Cup Cake, will be given to the fastest finisher- real time or Cupcake adjusted time.

Top 3 men and women overall in both the Cupcake Adjusted Time Category and Real Time Category will win Gift Certificates to Jilly’s Cupcake Bar and a signature gourmet Jilly’s Gateway Cup Cake.
Edible Age Group Awards will be given to winners in both the Eater and Competer categories.


  • Eater- Male Cupcake Eater, Female Cupcake Eater
  • Competer- Men Who Runs Past Cupcakes, Women Who Runs Past Cupcakes
  • Age Groups: (Men and Women): 19 and Under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-35, 35-39, 40-44,45-49, 50-54,55-59, 60-65, and 70+

Schwag:  All Athletes will receive a category specific (Eater or Competer) amazing event shirt and… a Jilly’s Cup Cake.

Race and Route Information:  The Run will take place on the streets of Forest Park by the Jewel Box. All racers will be chip timed by Big River Running Company.

Packet Pickup to be announced. Race day registration opens at 6:30am. Race Start: 8:30am.


Bottlecap Dash 5K Obstacle Run


cupcake-bottlecap-376A challenging 5k obstacle course race for people who enjoy beer.

Course will have a minimum of 12 obstacles, and racers will successfully complete six, selecting a bottle cap from an assortment of caps at each. The participant can collect 6 bottle caps and redeem them at the end of the run for a corresponding 6 pack of mixed craft beer. For example: After completing an obstacle, you select a bottle cap from Goose Island Brewing Co., when you turn in your bottle caps at the finish line, you will receive a 12oz. bottle of Goose Island Beer for this cap.

Obstacles will be fun and challenging. Some will require athletic ability and others you’ll need to use your noggin. Of course, if you are quick there will be special brew caps if you make it to an obstacle early.

Awards: Medals to top three in each age groupcupcake sg-rg-1721

Age Groups: (Men and Women): 21-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 & over


Schwag: All athletes over 21 will receive a mixed 6 pack of craft beer from the bottle caps selected and a Bottle Cap Dash Performance Waist Pack and more.

Race and Route Information: Race course is on the grass of Central Field.

Packet pickup: To be announced. Race day registration opens at 6:30am. Race Start: 11:00am.

Youth 1.5k Soda Cap Obstacle Run

CC5K-register-buttonThis is new in 2013 and is a 1.5k run with obstacles. Anyone 20 years old and under is eligible to compete. All finishers receive an event cupcake or a 4 pack of  soda. Youth entry/donation $10.00 Multiple siblings up to four $20.00 total. The Youth 1.5k starts at 1:00pm