November 9, 2013 @ 5:00 pm
Forest Park
$38 before October 1st $45 before November 3rd $50 after November 3rd, Race day $60
Marshall Cohen

Bottle Cap Obstacle RunA challenging 5k obstacle course race for people who enjoy beer.  Course will have a minimum of 12 obstacles.  Six of the obstacles that are successfully completed, the participant will select a bottle cap from an assortment of caps.  The participant can collect 6 bottle caps to turn in at the end of the run and receive an assorted 6 pack of beer from the specific caps selected.   For example:  After completing an obstacle, you select a bottle cap from Goose Island Brewing Co., when you turn in your bottle caps at the finish line, you will receive a 12oz. bottle of Goose Island Beer to take home.

Obstacles will be fun and challenging.  Some will require athletic ability and others you’ll need to use your noggin.  Of course, if you are quick there will be special brew caps if you make it to an obstacle early.  Bring “something” to carry your bottle caps…(pockets, hands, cheeks, fanny pack, purse, murse, etc.)