Think about what you were doing when you were 17. What were your hobbies? Maybe you loved
to read or were active in high school sports. Regardless of how you spent your time, most likely you
weren’t studying how to be a circus performer. Donesha Buhr, a student Lift For Life Academy is doing
just that!

Six years ago, Donesha’s mother bought her a circus class at Circus Harmony, and she liked it so much,
she never stopped learning. Circus Harmony is a non-profit social circus that teaches circus skills that
also translate into real life. Donesha has learned the basics in many circus arts, including walking the
wire, juggling, tumbling, clowning and even trapeze, but her specialty is hula hooping. Yes, hula hooping.
Of course, she isn’t just rocking one hula hoop but uses multiple hoops all over her body. Donesha
performs most Sundays at the City Museum. She is working on becoming an ‘Arch’ performer, the elite
level at Circus Harmony which offers performing opportunities throughout the area.

Donesha says that “Circus performing has taught me to become more focused, patient and to face my
fears”. She came to Lift For Life Academy in seventh grade and is currently in her junior year. She plans
on using her skills after her graduation to become a recreational therapist for autistic children. Until
then, she’ll keep shining both at Circus Harmony, and Lift For Life Academy!