Our cafeteria is not your typical school cafeteria. First of all, our co-founder, Marshall Cohen, prioritizes healthy and nutritional lifestyles so our meals are balanced, providing plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Second, he hired an actual chef for the high school and middle school students. Chef Kenny Hayden. Chef Kenny worked for a local country club so his culinary skills are exceptional. He offers plenty of variety and exposes the students to different types of cuisine such as seafood and ethnic dishes. He often schedules “made-to-order” omelets for breakfast and an Asian buffet, for example, for lunch. Providing plentiful and healthy meals promotes better learning!

Our elementary school chef is Tonya Webb and she is working hard to offer plenty of veggies and fruits to our growing grade school students. To see her weekly menu, click here.

Chef Kenny Hayden introduces ethnic and American cuisine to middle school and high school students for nutritious variety.

Universal Lunch & School Breakfast Program

FY 22 Universal Lunch & School Breakfast Program

FY 21 Universal Lunch & School Breakfast Program

Shrimp Stir Fry