IMG_3484Thanks to the tremendous generosity of the Arthur and Helen Baer Foundation and the support of Sally and Ken Goldman, Lift For Life Academy is able to commence the BRINGING MUSIC TO LIFE program, based on the successful, well-received, pilot program conducted during the summer of 2015. The program offers Academy Middle Schoolers the opportunity to experience and learn music.

BRINGING MUSIC TO LIFE will help broaden the spectrum of opportunities that we offer to our students, increasing the likelihood that students will find a niche for their interests in an educational setting. Music provides a powerful means of engaging students in learning and improving their achievement. Music enables students to learn about themselves, other people, and humanity in general.

Educator Ms. Eboni Wilson has joined the LFLA staff as our new music teacher. Although each class needs to be started with a foundation of new musical knowledge, Ms. Wilson looks to expand the music program by developing a concert band, a marching band, a concert choir, and a show choir.

trumpet 2Sixth grade student Keaun Lewis already knows what his passion is. He is one of the few students who has experience playing a musical instrument, and he is not shy about his love for the trumpet. “Not many people play the trumpet any more, but it is a fantastic instrument and has a huge history of people playing it,” said Keaun.

It is easy to see the thrill in Keaun’s face as he talks about music. Ms. Wilson knows this is something that will positively affect his overall education. “Learning music helps students do well in other classes. Music uses all portions of our brains and helps us with communication. It teaches discipline, dedication, commitment and organizational skills. Music also increases self-esteem and helps motivate students in all areas of their academics,” said Ms. Wilson.

The new music program is a big step in the ability to add to the development of LFLA students, and its importance is not lost on those now getting the opportunity to learn. Keaun already sees the bigger picture. “Growing up, being able to play music helps me connect with other people, and it really helps me express myself. Music will always be a big part of my life.”

By developing an avenue to positive self-expression through music, we can ignite a passion within of our students.

The Arthur & Helen Baer Charitable Foundation’s support will end the sounds of silence at Lift For Life Academy and bring music back to our students.

Other generous sponsors to the BRINGING MUSIC TO LIFE program include Helen Costello, Crown Packaging Corp., Craig & Shelley Parker, US Band & Orchestra Supplies, and Hurley & Hurley Inc.