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Partner with LFLA

We value our partners. They provide amazing support to our students in many different ways. For example, Washington University's Occupational Department plants OT interns at the elementary school, offering our students extra guidance and coaching to improve emotional and social regulation and enrich and improve educational outcomes. 
Another important partner is 1904labs, a tech company in the Cortex community. 1904labs developed a coding workshop for middle schoolers several years ago. 1904labs volunteers come to school once a week and teach our students how to create their own apps. It's a gratifying experience for students, increasing their self-confidence, teaching them new skills, and exposing them to a progressive tech environment.
We have many more partners that enhance the quality of the student's education ... reading mentors, volunteers and professionals that offer career guidance.
If you wish to find out more or have an interest in becoming a partner, please contact Susan Kelter, External Relations Director at [email protected].  We welcome your engagement!