December 2010

Dear Lift For Life Academy Supporter:

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”

This quote by 17th century Japanese poet, Matuso Basho, serves as a good reminder as we reflect and approach a new year.  Lift For Life Academy’s journey began in 2000 with 60 middle school students.  Today, we are over 500 children strong and look forward to becoming a full middle and high school ini Fall 2011.

Our faculty forges ahead on this journey each day to help inner-city children by creating an atmosphere where students thrive.  For many, Lift For Life Academy is a refuge, a safe place, where the staff and fellow students are like family.  Read on for two personal messages that exemplify the results made possible by your support.

Mrs. Owens and Linda

The other day I told my Honors Geometry class how lucky I was to hang out with them every day because they’re like family.  That’s what Lift For Life is for most teachers and students– it’s a family.

I watch kids who before didn’t care about their education now dream about college.  They even call me just a week into summer break to say they want to come back.  They feel like they belond here, they are at their best here, and they miss their Lift For Life family.

It is a hard job.  I go home exhausted, but it feels like important work.  It feels like I make a difference.    Alison Owens, Teacher

I started at Lift For Life Academy as a 6th grader.  Since then, I continue to learn new ideas and even more about myself.  I can’t picture being at another school.  At Lift For Life Academy, everyone supports each other.

Teachers like Ms. Owens spend one-on-one time helping us and influence me to work hard.  I was “Ms. Salutatorian” of my 8th grade graduating class.  This honor showed me the rewards for keeping good grades.  Lift For Life Academy provides me with opportunities I couldn’t imagine receiving anywhere else.

I love Lift For Life Academy because Mrs. Noble and the teachers make us proud to be here.  We are like family.  I don’t want to leave, but my dream is to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C. because I want to be a pediatrician.

Thanks to Lift For Life Academy, I have a lot more confidences, and I hold my head high at all times.  The teachers believe in me and help me to do my best.  I believe I will be successful.                                          –Linda Davis, 11th Grade Student

During this season, talk of family and believing are common.  We are proud Lift For Life Academy’s unique apporach keeps the spirit of both alive year round.  And with your support, we’ll help our children realize where their potential can and will take them.

Thank you for considering how you can create a journey of possibilities by donating to Lift For Life AcademyYou can make the difference.

Most sincerely,

Marshall Cohen

Founder and Executive Director