In 2000, Lift For Life Academy (LFLA) became the first independent charter middle school to open in the City of St. Louis. Sponsored by Southeast Missouri State University, our Academy is centrally located at 1731 South Broadway, in the historic Soulard neighborhood.

The Academy, located in what was originally the Manfacturers Bank and Trust building, then later a Mercantile Bank, was established to provide an education to middle school students. It is now serving 825 students in grades K-4 and 6-12. The elementary school is a half block south (1920 South 7th Street) and classrooms for our sixth grade students are located across the street from our main building.

St. Louis city families choose Lift for Life Academy for their children as a creative and motivating alternative to public schools. Students are motivated to come to school – daily attendance averages 93% and LFLA maintains a graduation rate of 97%.

Our high school students also have the opportunity to obtain college course credit through St. Louis University’s 1818 Advanced College Credit Program. The chance to earn college credit while still in high school is one more way LFLA works to help students get the advantage on their road to higher education. Over 33% of graduating seniors have already earned college credits in History, English and/or Math.

Last May, 79 of 81 seniors graduated and four out of five of these graduates were accepted into college, technical school or the military, earning over $1.5 million in scholarships!

Our nurturing and stimulating  approach to learning is what sets Lift For Life Academy apart. Whether the subject is fashion design, engineering or chemistry, we pride ourselves in our ability to reach and engage our students through a safe, compassionate and structured setting.

We want to welcome you and your family to the Lift For Life Academy family. Here, we accept that failure is not an option. We are dedicated to educating, empowering and uplifting the next generation of St. Louis citizens.

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