Nestle-Purina program teaching students compassion through animal interaction

Posted on Mon, Oct 16, 2017

Taking care of pets, specifically

 dogs, is a great way to help students learn empathy and caring for other individuals, animal or human. That is the goal of the Mutt-i-grees program sponsored by Nestle-Purina at Lift for Life Academy.

As an elective course for both the Middle and High schools, students of all ages can participate in the program supervised by Mr. Bostic, LFLA teacher. Bostic titled the program “Operation Dog Discovery” and it let the students choose a dog breed of their choice to research and discover what unique traits that not only the breed has, but also the characteristics shared between the student and the breed. On top of that, the program has taken a field trip and had a service dog visit.

So far we have had a service dog named Rosie come onto the campus to develop students understanding of the many roles dogs play in society,” Bostic said. “We have also attended the Humane Society of Missouri to grasp the seriousness and humanity that goes into saving stray and mistreated animals.”

Focusing on humanity, compassion, and confidence, Bostic said the program has the ability to help in “developing students social awareness and responsibility.”


As the students started researching their breed, they were able to learn not only about the breed, but also to look introspectively and reflect on their individual characteristics. They turned this into a collage that they displayed for other LFLA students to view and learn from.

Bostic said that he wanted their next trip to be to Randy’s Rescue Ranch or even Nestle-Purina. “The uniqueness of the course is provided by students’ ability to learn through their interaction and studying of animals, mainly the dog,” Bostic said.